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Illness Illusion by Nosferatu-neko Illness Illusion by Nosferatu-neko
fanart for :iconsarahn: because shes really cool...

the name of this character is Maximillion Orlock, (easily her most awesome character) and everyone should go read Vampire Phantasm.

now, for some nerdy info...because i am a nerd

in history, near 1922 there was a german silent film put out called Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie des Garuens, which (i think) means nosferatu, symphonie of the night- but i cant be sure because i dont speak german. The vampire in it was called Graf Orlock (or Orlok, Orloac, Orloc) and was a thinely veiled version of Bram Stokers Dracula. the film had only limited screenings because of the case of plagiarism set against it, because the film did not receive Bram's permission, so most copies were destroyed. the vampire was created physically as though he'd suffered in death, and wa sin my opinion extremely ugly. an almost rodent like apearance with fangs if you will. he moved with slow, deliberate steps and his finegrs were extended almost claw like. apparently he could control rats and things like that. unlike Dracula, Orlock couldnt go out in daylight, but he did cast a shadow and apeared in mirrors. he could be killed if a woman could hold his attention until sunrise, which was a popular belief in that times.

now on a personal note, i only added all of this because it was interesting, and credit goes fully to The Encyclopedia of the Undead, a completely revamped edition by Gordon Melton (who's book i bought a few months ago)... its got a picture from the Lost Boys on it, lolz...

done praddling now...

the song is by Gackt.
"Break down the peace that's preserved in silence
Before the time when light will fall comes" is what it says, and the bottom is the same, but in japanese
sarahn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yay, awesome! Thank you very much!!^^ Orlock and his freakishly long tongue...licking blood. Eeeek. :P Creepy and wonderful! :+favlove:

I actually think that means "A Symphony of Horror (or Terror)", but I'm not entirely sure either. XP
Nosferatu-neko Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Student Filmographer
oh does it? lol, i cant find anyone that speaks german, but ill figure it out eventually.

horray for long tongues ^^ *cheers for orlock*
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